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Prepayment Submetering System - An Efficient Solution

If your need is for a prepayment submetering system, there no better option than choosing XpressPrepaid for effective solutions. They are expert in installation and management of repayment submetering systems.

The aim of the company is to provide a complete solution for prepayment systems that ensure easy accessibility to the systems and allow the customers to be in control of the service that is being provided. The company has many years experience in this market and their valuable products and services meet the requirements of their respective clients to the best possible extent. The main focus of the company remains on providing the very best in customer service and satisfaction.

XpressPrepaid offers a wide range of prepaid electricity meters involving the metering as well as vending solution in a particular system. This helps you to get the cost effective solution and obtain an easy to use prepaid electricity system. The focus of the company remains on the management and delivery of prepayment solutions for dual market segments i.e. Submeter Market and Mainmeter Market.

Submeter Market includes the privately managed prepayment utilities for the body corporate, managing agents, landlords, sectional title properties and all sub-metering circumstances. The company is the leading provider of the prepaid submetering solutions. The prepayment metering system of the company enables the management to vend the prepaid submeters to the clients of the company on an online environment. In fact, the company also offers the ability to recharge their prepaid meters from different vending points including retail stores, internet and local garages.

Our solutions for submetering meters include the prepaid submeter, online option of vending and online reporting that is ideal to use within a diverse variety of real estate including body corporate, residential properties, granny flats, multiple tenant dwelling, property developments, hospitality accommodation, staff accommodation, retail and office parks, sports facilities, rental estate agents and so on.

Our Mainmeter Market basically exists in the city of Tshwane Municipality. We facilitate our customers living in the City of Tshwane with our ability of moving from a conventional post-paid system, whereby the client or the owner received a monthly utility bill for making the prepayment option of a main prepaid meter. The new meter with prepaid metering system replaces the conventional system for ensuring that the client is in the complete control of the usage of the electricity.