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Tshwane's tariffs for the financial year 1st July 2015 - 30th June 2016

For the electricity connections with a prepaid meter, energy is charged for all kWh (kilo Watt per hour) purchased in a calendar month.

The following charges will be payable:
Energy Charge (R.c/kWh)

Inclining Tariff Scale Per Unit (Excluding VAT) Per Unit (Including VAT)
Block A (1 - 100 kwh) R1.2196 R1.3903
Block B (101 - 400 kwh) R1.4170 R1.6153
Block C (401 - 650 kwh) R1.5460 R1.7624
Block D (>651 kWh) R1.6520 R1.8833

These tariffs are applicable for the amount purchased per month and not per token. If token are purchased in smaller denominations, then this will form part of an accumulative kWh purchase throughout the calendar month.

The scale will reset when the new calendar month begins.

If you would like further information about prepaid meter solutions, simply contact us or request a quote..