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Prepaid meters for property managersProperty managers / estate agents managing rental properties on behalf of clients find the XpressPrepaid solution ideal.

Using our metering solutions, they can minimise overhead costs connected with carrying out their rental-management mandates and enhance profitability.

XpressPrepaid meters system facilitates collection of 100% of utility revenues, 100% of the time. Pre-payment by tenants for utilities brings about in a significant reduction in the administrative overhead associated with account reconciliation and billing. read more...

Installation of Meters

Prepaid meter installation may be carried out in either existing and new buildings. Prepaid sub meters are installed before the utility supply reaches the distribution board of the property.

The council bulk meter will supply the prepaid meters in each of the units

Where submeters are already present in existing buildings, they can be either left in place or removed entirely

The image below shows an example of a possible meter layout:


A nominal charge is made for the meter plus installation starting from only R 850.
This includes:

TheXpressPrepaid meter

Installation onsite

Maintenance / service for the period of the agreement


Manufactured by a renowned international manufacturer, who is also a recognised supplier of Eskom, our prepaid meters are easy to use. Calibration of meters complies with specifications stipulated by Eskom. All meters include built-in measures against tampering to prevent any means of bypassing the system.

View details of the different meter types and models by clicking here.

Additional System Features and Services

Purchase of a meter also includes, at no additional charge, the following features and services:

Online reporting facility using state-of-the-art, latest technology

1 year warranty

24 hour customer service and support

24/7/365 days per year rechargeable vending options:

    Online reporting

    Universal Pin

    Any mobile phone

    Credit cards

    Direct deposit or EFT

    Nedbank ATM

Rechargeable through the widest network of retail outlets

Active tamper monitoring

Protection against unpaid bills

Collection of Arrears

Automatic debit order recharge

Getting Started

For further information about XpressPrePaid meter solutions, please contact us or request a quote. for your sectional title property.

Additional Information for Property Managers

Use of XpressPrepaid meters system ensures that 100% of utilities revenues are collected 100% of the time. Pre-payment for utilities by tenants results in a significant reduction in the administrative overhead inevitably associated with account reconciliation and billing. Since the utility in use is prepaid meters, it means that the need to take additional security deposit from tenants to protect against non-payment is obviated.

Use of prepaid metering systems by property managers / estate agents parallels the situations and challenges encountered by buy-to-let property investors, with the exception being that the estate agent acts as property manager on behalf of the landlord. As a result factors such as enhanced risk and cash flow management by the use of XpressPrePaid metering systems are valuable services in the eyes of customers.

Property Managers / Estate Agents may charge a utilities collection management fee to clients if desired. The prepaid meter system being privately owned and managed, such meters may be sold outright to clients or installed merely for the duration of the agreement.

For further information about prepaid meter solutions, simply contact us or request a quote..