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XpressPrePaid meters for sectional titlesSpecification of prepaid meter solutions in new Sectional title property developments is highly desirable for developers who are presented with an excellent opportunity for installation of prepaid meters. Planning and consideration at this level has significant benefit to the future operation of the development, which results in a more marketable and desirable product for potential buyers and property investors.

In terms of operations, commercial and residential property developments must deal with the same financial management challenges in terms of revenue collection and management. read more...


XpressPrePaid meter installation can be carried out in either existing buildings or new buildings. Prepaid submeters are installed before the bulk utility supply reaches the distribution board of the property.

  • The council bulk meter will supply the prepaid meters in each of the units
  • In existing buildings, where submeters are already present, these can either be left in place or completely removed

The image below shows an example of a possible meter layout:


A minimal charge is made for the meter plus installation priced from R 850.
The price includes:

  • The prepaid meter
  • Installation onsite
  • Maintenance / service for the period of the agreement


Manufactured by an established and renowned international manufacturer, who is also a recognised supplier of Eskom, our prepaid meters are easy to use. Calibration of the meters is according to specifications stipulated by Eskom. All meters include built-in measures against tampering to prevent any possibility of bypassing the system.

View details of the different types of meters by clicking here.

Additional System Features & Services

Purchase of a meter also includes, at no additional charge, the following features and services:

  • Online reporting facility using state-of-the-art, latest technology
  • 24 hour customer service & support
  • 1 year warranty
  • 24/7 365 days a year rechargeable vending options:
    • Online reporting
    • Universal Pin
    • Any mobile phone
    • Credit cards
    • Direct deposit or EFT
    • Nedbank ATM
  • Rechargeable through the widest network of retailers
  • Active tamper watch
  • Protection against unpaid bills
  • Arrears collection
  • Auto debit order recharge

Getting Started

If you would like further information about prepaid meter solutions for body corporates, please contact us or request a quote. for your sectional title property.

 Additional Info Regarding Sectional Titles

In operation, both commercial and residential property developments face the same financial management challenges in terms of revenue collection and management. Whether the need is for prepaid meters installed in commercial or for residential schemes, specification at planning stage of prepaid meter systems provides the opportunity for developers to reduce their costs for the supply of utilities to the development. By application for bulk-metering services developers will benefit from significantly reduced costs associated with metering of individual sections.

Furthermore, installation of prepaid meters in individuual sections ensures an enhanced level of financial management once the scheme is in operation, thus the values of properties within the scheme are more attractive to private buyers or investors who understand that an important element of the risk associated with revenues collection management has been obviated.

In addition, specification of XpressPrePaid meters and metering solutions obviates the costs incurred with meter-reading charges that are customary in Sectional Title schemes. The results is reduced costs to the scheme and thus to the individual section owners. Again, the combination of prudent financial management from the standpoint of revenues collection management for utilities combined with reduced costs makes the scheme more attractive from the immediate perspective of any buyer, adds value to the product and improves marketability of the scheme.

For further information about prepaid meter solutions, please contact us or request a quote. for your sectional title property.